Custom Design Contract


Custom Design Contact

Thank you so much for choosing LuJeanik for your special occasion needs.  I am confident that you will be pleased with the workmanship and quality of my designs.  Below you will find details of how our custom design process works and to process your custom creation and begin production, I need you to understand, agree and sign off on the following:


Order Process:


Our initial consultation will require a non-refundable consultation fee.  During our initial 60 minute consultation, you will get to meet your designer, Shanikki Chantel and we will discuss your personal style and desired look for your special occasion.  This would be a great time to bring in photos of silhouettes you like along with color preference and to know what type of look are you wanting to achieve (Hollywood Glam, Princess, Sleek, etc.).  Event type is also recommended along with desired hair and overall look are extra pluses that will help to decide on a certain style if you are completely unsure of what you would like. I would be happy to guide you on best looks to fit your body type and personal style. 

Custom Designs

We often get asked to recreate styles from other designers.  Please note that every artist is different, so everything will not be as exact and to the T.  Every designer has their own way of creating. Patterns, sewing techniques, fabric choices and personal way of style is what makes each design unique.  Though we are honored for the challenge of re-creating an exact piece from a designer, we will not create an exact replica of that design since there would be slight differences anyway.  So, to avoid any conflict we would rather stay away from situations like these.  If you are adamant about having the exact same design, we would recommend ordering from that particular designer, that way you would be confident that what you see is what you will receive.  If there are certain details, you like about certain silhouettes we can develop a custom creation based off of those silhouettes.     

From Vision to Concept

Once the style is decided, your designer will create a sketch for review.  We will also discuss fabric’s and colorways.  We keep very limited fabrics in store, however with our fabric connections we can get a variety of fabrics to make your vision come to life.  For any fabrics samples that are not in store, we can hand pick samples and have them delivered to our studio and usually have them delivered within 1-2 weeks if not locally available.  If you choose this option, we will let you know when the samples come in store for your approval.  For samples we can obtain locally, we can have those samples available for review within 3 business days.  As a courtesy, we do give our clients a copy of the sketch along with fabric samples as part of our consultation.  For any reason if you would like to make any changes to your design please let us know within 24 hours of consultation.


We are a custom boutique, so to ensure the perfect fit we will obtain measurements the day of your consultation.  For best fit, it would be recommended to come with fitted clothes preferably leggings and a fitted top so that your correct silhouette is captured.  Bulky or baggy clothing makes it very hard to obtain true measurements.  For bodysuits or jumpsuits, we will obtain crotch and girth measurements, so it would be best to wear pants or shorts to obtain your true measurements.  We are not held responsible for any measurements made and sent that were not made by us.  If you are not local, we can send you a measuring tape and host a video conference to make sure you are measured correctly. At this time, please let us know if you plan to lose or gain weight because once we obtain your sizing and if the garment is too small due to drastic changes we will not be held responsible.


For special occasion the process will be between 4-6 weeks.  After your approval of the sketch and fabric samples we will began your order.  At this time, please make sure your balance is paid in full because we are unable to start your order until payment is made.  Full payment will ensure your fabrics and trims are ordered and in our studio ready for production.  Delays on payments will result in delays of your order and we would hate to not be able to serve you for your special day.


Close to completion of your order, we will ask you to come in for a fitting.  During this time, you will try on your garment.  Minor adjustments can be made such as taking in the garment more and making us aware of any imperfections or detail issues with your garment.  During the fitting we will make note of any necessary changes and have those adjustments corrected within 3-5 business days.  Once everything is completed you will come back in for a final fitting and pick up.  Prior to leaving with your garment, we will require a sign off that you are satisfied with your garment.   Leaving with your garment and signing off ensures that your garment has been inspected and that you are completely satisfied.

Return Policy

All garments are made to order.  There are no exchanges or returns on merchandise purchased.  All sales are final.  Any concerns or issues must be expressed within 24 hours of receiving dress.  No returns are accepted, upon submitting your payment/deposit.  If there is something physically wrong with your garment, please contact me to resolve the issue.  I cannot accept returns simply because you’ve changed your mind or because it does not look well on your body type.  I will give recommendations based on body type, for silhouettes never worn before it would be recommended to try on items similar to what you are requesting to get an idea prior to creating your design.


You must agree to the following before ordering:

  • By submitting payment, I agree to all shop policies
  • I understand that each dress is custom made and not produced by a factory, so slight variations may occur
  • If I do not provide a signed copy of the contract, my payment is my formal agreement to the contract
  • If the contract is breached/cancelled, I acknowledge and understand that I cannot receive a refund for my deposit as this money goes toward fabrics, supplies, materials and pattern making and I have no claim to them
  • I understand that no design or sketch services will be provided to me until my payment or initial deposit has been placed.
  • I understand that the average dress takes between 6-8 weeks after finalizing design and fabric options (unless rush fee has been paid)
  • I understand that my non- refundable consultation fee will be applied to my dress balance. This fee will allow for me and the designer to discuss style of garment and to order samples.
  • I understand and agree that I may need alterations to my dress in order to get the exact look/fit that I am wanting to achieve and that all alterations are MY responsibility after the dress has been taken from LuJeanik design studio.
  • I understand that I cannot change my measurements, design or fabric once my pattern has been started
  • I understand that I cannot change my design or fabric once deposit has been paid and design has been confirmed after 24 hours.
  • I understand that if I cannot or will not pay my balance due within 6 weeks of completion that I forfeit my dress and deposit as the deposit has gone toward the cost of my materials.
  • Any information requested in order to successfully complete my dress not provided in a timely manner reflects the timeline of my dress completion and is MY fault if not provided.

I understand and agree with all terms stated in this Contract/Policy Form



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