About Us


A little about me: My name is Shanikki (Nikka) Chantel and I am the owner and designer of LuJeanik, I am originally from Jacksonville, Fl and moved to Tampa to pursue my career in Fashion Design in the year 2000 to attend the International Academy of Design and Technology Tampa where I graduated and obtained my Bachelor's Degree. After working in Corporate America for several years I decided to further my education and enrolled at Saint Leo University where I later obtained my MBA in Marketing. During my studies and working in Corporate America I decided to pursue my dreams full-time. I partnered on a few ventures by having a little shop in Treasure Island, Fl then later moving my location to East Tampa where The Fashion Plug was created. As the partnerships dissolved I still continued to pursue my dreams of running my own fashion house which is how LuJeanik House of Fashion came about. During its growth we have transitioned from a small 400 sqft location to a new over 900 sqft location in the heart of Brandon, FL. My goal is to continue to inspire people through fashion such as how my ancestors have continued to inspire me.

About my company: LuJeanik is pronounced (La-Jea-nek) was founded in 2007 by Shanikki Chantel. The name "LuJeanik" is a combination of my mother's name, Lucretia; my late grandmother, Barbara Jean and my name Shanikki . I picked this name because I wanted a name that represented uniqueness. It also represents three strong women that are fashion forward and true believers in faith who are inspiring to others.

LuJeanik Experience: LuJeanik has made its mark in the industry with media coverage in Phassion Magazine, Australian Beauty Magazine, Vocess Magazine, ExploreFashions.com, and Tearsheet Magazine. Runway shows include Facet Fashion Week in Hollywood, CA; RawOrlando; Mia2theBay in Tampa, FL; Charlotte, NC Fashion Week 2008/2009. We also have grazed runways in Miami, New York and Atlanta. Other works include LuJeanik wardrobe featured in music videos with artist Omega featuring Rick Ross in Make Love to this Music and Rocko's video Finesse.